Their ability to give love is lost, their truth emotions are replaced with jealousy and egoism. Through others they gain validation and status

I call them “Mustermenschen”

The German word Muster stands for “template” and Menschen is “people”

A Mustermensch is a person, who’s actions and decisions follow a single template, often influenced by the society and environment, ignoring any other signals – particularly from their heart

To a Mustermensch, anything that doesn’t follow his “Muster” is seen as abnormal, crazy, almost alien

A Mustermensch is not honest with himself in the first place

he does not think he can do better
he does not think he deserve better
he does not believe in his uniqueness
he tries to escape from who he is

he simply, does not love himself
and if you can’t love yourself, how can you love others?

It all comes down to a relationship between you and yourself

you don’t want health issues, so don’t eat crap or have bad habits
you don’t want to be a liar, so don’t fool yourself and others
you want to be attractive, so exercise and dress well

you want to be the best person i could ever met

Everything you do should be the best you want for yourself. Not for the society, your friends and family. Yourself

if everyone knew that, wouldn’t the world be a very different place today?