Make things count

You should be focused on things, that contribute to a change. Things, that last. Things, that count

Let us pretend – our life “as is” is a black line on a graph. The X-axis is time, which is limited
This is how i draw it in my imagination:

In example cut-out, the time range is adjusted between 00:00 and 24:00 hours (a day) so the impact in examples is more visible

Let’s take imaginary action, that will contribute to a change

Get drunk!

The moment i’m drunk is highlighted in green

Life turned green, but only for a brief amount of time. Then, it turned black again

What we have done wrong, is we took a short-sighted decision (to get drunk), which didn’t contribute to a change (unless we’d become an alcoholic) and kept us stuck in the same state as before (black), while we become older, therefor nearer to death – the end

Now, let’s take yet another imaginary action

Work out!

Life after work out is highlighted in blue

This is what i was talking about. Once we have worked out, our health has improved a bit. The change of the state was triggered and instead of turning back to black, life stuck at a new color (blue)

This is what we should be looking for. We want the colours to change. We want to move. Not to go back, not to stay. We don’t have time for that

Let’s have couple more examples

One-night stand vs long-term relationship

One-night stand
Long-term relationship

Travelling vs moving


Partying vs reading


Hope you’ll find that helpful 👍