Stop chasing

If you’re so successful, why aren’t you driving a Porsche?

Today i’m fed up, what i will eat tomorrow, i will think tomorrow

I believe, that’s how we are designed
very primitive

But you see, folks
this not very profitable for businesses

If you could buy everything here and now, 100 years upfront, even if you don’t need it – that what makes money

That’s why we ended up in a society, where everyone is chasing

People spending their life doing pointless things, wasting their time, only to be able to afford an object that they think would make them happy and valuable to others

If you don’t buy this and that, you’re not worthy enough

But nobody asks “why?”
everyone seems to be wanting to be impressed

“If you’re so successful, why aren’t you driving a Porsche?”

That’s what i heard from a girl from my swimming class when i told her about my ventures

terrible terrible things…