Founder Manifesto

Devoted to all company founders or anyone who strives to become one someday

Being founder myself and having met hundreds of founders all over the world, they seem to have some common characteristics, that i want to share with you

What makes a founder?

  1. Strength Founders are strong enough to resist, reject and stand up for themselves, even if they are pressured by peers and loved ones
  2. Craziness Founders are crazy by nature. They take enormous risks, even when they are likely to fail. They deeply believe, that it’s in their power to change the way things are. They spend resources, they are never going to get back
  3. Youth Founders are young, sometimes not biologically. By being young, founders are getting unique opportunity to replace the old. They have nothing yet to lose
  4. Talent Founders have talents, sometimes even those, that don’t contribute to their life as a founder
  5. Honesty and responsibility Founders are honest to themselves and others. Founders take full responsibility for any accident and admit their mistakes openly
  6. Curiosity Founders are curious, they like to explore and try out new things
  7. Kindness Founders are kind to themselves and others. Founders offer help, where it’s needed, even if they are not asked about it

As a closing note, i want to remind the founders, that you will have plenty of time to rest when you are dead, so until then, keep fighting!