A secret sauce to a successful startup

Build. Ship. Forget. Repeat

While the words build, ship and repeat make sense, what does forget mean in the context of successful startup bootstrapping?

Let me explain that

Many startups i come around today are suffering from unreasonable over-investment, sometimes even unaware of that

Their teams and founders are investing resources into the project and do not get a equal return, if any

They think there’s something wrong with the product and start pushing harder and investing even more in it to make it work, which is a common mistake

Don’t fall into that trap don’t expect a miracle to happen because it won’t

That’s the case with unrequited love it’s gonna take all your time, money and soul and you gonna end up with is nothing

Now, just stop and think

is my value proposition any good? does my project do what it promises? does it come with a reasonable pricing?

And regardless of the answer the best thing you can do is not do anything

Relax buddy you’ve done amazing job already now forget what you’ve just did

and move on!